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List of connectors and connection types for glulam beams that QB Corporation can CNC Machine


Connecters Type:

  • Angle
  • Brace
  • Column Base
  • Column Cap
  • Connector
  • Glulam Connector
  • Hanger
  • Post Cap
  • Strap

Connection Type:

Beam Support at Girder

• Beam Bears on Girder
• Beam Bears in Girder with Notch
• Beam Bears Steel Bearing Seat with Knife Plate
• Beam Bears on Concealed Steel Bearing Plate with Knife Plate
• Beam Bears on Steel Bearing Seat with Side Plates (Bucket)
• Beam Connected to Girder with Proprietary Hanger
• Beam Connected to Girder with Concealed Face-Mounted Knife Plate Connector
• Beam Connected to Girder with Steel Angles
• Beam Connected to Girder with Proprietary Concealed Connector
• Dovetail
• Beam Splice with Steel Plate Scarf Joint

Beam Support at Column

• Beam Bears on Column
• Beam Bears on Column with Knife Plate
• Beam Bears on Column at Notch
• Multiple Beams Bear on Column Collar
• Multiple Beams Bear on Column at Notches
• Multiple Beams Bear on Combined Bearing Plate & Beam Hangar
• Multiple Beams Bear Girders on Notched Column
• Multiple Beams Bear on Bearing Plate with Steel Standoff Supporting Column Above
• Multiple Beams Bear on Girders on Bearing Plate with Steel Standoff Supporting Column Above
• Column and Beam Bear on Column at Standoff
• Beam Bears on Steel Bearing Seat with Knife Plates on Column

Beam Support at Mass Timber Wall Panel

• Beam Bears on Mass Timber Wall Panel
• Beam Bears on Mass Timber Wall Panel at Pocket

Beam Support at Concrete or Masonry

• Beam Perpendicular to Wall Connected to Face of Wall
• Beam Perpendicular to Wall Connected to Face of Wall with Top Bearing
• Beam Bears at the Top of the Column or Wall
• Beam Parallel to Wall Connected to Face of Wall with Top Bearing
• Beam Bears on Pilaster
• Beam Bears in Wall Pocket
• Beam Supported by Knife Plate

Supporting Steel Frame Systems

• Beam Bears on Top of Wood Column
• Beam Bears on Top of Wood Column with Angle
• Beam Top Flange Bears on Wood Column

Column Base at Concrete

• Column Bears with Knife Plate
• Column Bears with Side Plates
• Column Bears with Custom Standoff
• Column Bears with Adjustable Standoff Base
• Column Bears with Proprietary Dowel Connector
• Column Bears with Proprietary Plate Connector
• Column Bears with Proprietary Adjustable Column Base

More information on Available Configuration


QB Corporation's Ridge and Rafter Glued laminated timber at Idaho Central Credit Union Arena at The University of Idaho
ICCU Arena exterior photography
QB Corporation Costume Glulam Beams at THE IDAHO CENTRAL CREDIT UNION ARENA
ICCU Arena exterior photography

Building Type: Institutional

Location: Moscow, Idaho USA

Completed: October 2021

QB Corporation’s Products: Custom Glulam Beams

Photography: University of Idaho, QB Corporation.

ICCU Arena: Pioneering the Future of Engineered Wood Venues

Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU) Arena, located on the University of Idaho’s Moscow campus, is one of the nation’s first engineered wood venues. This remarkable facility showcases the immense potential of collaboration between the College of Natural Resources and Idaho’s wood industries. QB Corporation, a leading producer of glulam beams in Idaho, played a crucial role in supplying the Arena with custom glulam beams and columns, elevating its structural integrity and sustainability.

The Innovative Design of ICCU Arena

Spanning an impressive 67,000 square feet, ICCU Arena boasts a capacity of over 4,000 spectators and offers state-of-the-art amenities. The Arena is designed to be a multipurpose space, but its pioneering use of engineered wood truly sets this facility apart.

Engineered Wood: A Sustainable Solution

Engineered wood has emerged as a sustainable alternative to traditional construction materials: steel and concrete. It is made by bonding layers of timber together, resulting in stronger and more versatile beams and columns. QB Corporation, renowned for its production of glulam beams, was instrumental in the creation of ICCU Arena.

Collaboration with the College of Natural Resources

“The folks at QB were easy to work with and eager to find solutions to our unique building needs.”

Dennis Becker, Dean – College of Natural Resources

The success of ICCU Arena can be attributed to the collaboration between QB Corporation and the College of Natural Resources at the University of Idaho. QB Corporation helped bring timber products from within the Moscow, Idaho region, capitalizing on abundant high-quality wood. In some cases, the University’s Experimental Forest, a living laboratory for sustainable forestry practices, provided timber for the construction of the Arena.

Benefits of Engineered Wood in ICCU Arena

  1. Sustainability: Using engineered wood, ICCU Arena significantly reduces its environmental impact. Wood is a renewable resource that helps to mitigate carbon emissions and promotes sustainable forestry practices.
  2. Strength and Durability: Engineered wood, particularly glulam beams, provides exceptional structural strength. This allows for wide-spanning designs and ensures the safety and longevity of the Arena.
  3. Aesthetics and Warmth: The use of wood in the construction of the Arena creates a visually appealing and warm atmosphere, enhancing the overall experience for spectators and athletes.
  4. Economic Growth: The collaboration between QB Corporation and the University of Idaho contributes to local economic growth. By sourcing timber products locally, the project supports the region’s wood industries and promotes job creation.

ICCU Arena at the University of Idaho’s Moscow campus is a testament to engineered wood construction’s limitless possibilities. With QB Corporation’s expertise and collaboration with the College of Natural Resources, this extraordinary venue showcases the seamless fusion of sustainability, strength, and beauty. As the nation’s first engineered wood venue, ICCU Arena paves the way for future innovations in the construction industry, inspiring other institutions to embrace this sustainable solution.


QB Corporation's Ridge, Rafter Glued laminated timber and Columns at USFS KAMIAH SUPERVISORS OFFICE
QB Corporation's Glued laminated Columns at USFS KAMIAH SUPERVISORS OFFICE
QB Corporation's Glued laminated timber Beams and Columns at USFS KAMIAH SUPERVISORS OFFICE

Building Type: Industrial

Location: Kamiah, Idaho

Completed: 2021

QB Corporation’s Products: Custom BeamsStock Beams.

Additional Information: Principal Architect: Mosaic Architecture
Photography: Quality Contractors LLC and Heidi Long, Longview Studios

QB Corporation’s Glue-Laminated Timber Empowers Sustainable Construction for Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests Supervisor’s Office

QB Corporation’s glue-laminated timber (beams) manufactured for the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) transformed the construction of the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests Supervisor’s Office. Learn about the sustainable, cost-effective solution that seamlessly blends with the local community while meeting LEED and Green Globes certification requirements.

QB Corporation’s groundbreaking glue-laminated timber (glulam beams) provided the ideal solution for constructing the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests Supervisor’s Office, defying the notion that mass timber is limited to upscale urban projects. Driven by sustainability and practicality, the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) sought an economical building that harmonized with the small community’s scale, materials, and aesthetics. QB Corporation’s precision-engineered glulam beams played a pivotal role in realizing this vision.

Structural Excellence – The Post-and-Beam Design: 

The Supervisor’s Office boasts a visually striking post-and-beam structure crowned by a single gabled roof. To achieve optimal functionality and architectural integrity, the construction relied on glulam beams of varying sizes. The largest beams measured 8-3/4×33 inches, while smaller beams were utilized for shorter spans. To achieve impressive unbraced column heights of up to 20 feet, built-up glulam columns were employed instead of solid members. QB Corporation’s built-up columns combined two 6-3/4×9-inch CNC fabricated glulam members with intermediate steel HSS connectors, strategically spaced 5 feet apart to allow abundant natural light to permeate the space.

Innovative Prefabrication – Streamlined Construction Process: 

The Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests Supervisor’s Office marked QB Corporation’s first project following the implementation of the “All-in-One Glulam Manufacturing and CNC Fabrication” system. This remote construction location proved ideal for leveraging the benefits of prefabricated mass timber. Every glulam beam and column was precisely CNC machined at the QB facility, ensuring seamless integration on-site.

Sustainability Achieved: 

LEED and Green Globes Compliance: As part of the USFS’s commitment to sustainable construction, the Supervisor’s Office aimed to obtain LEED or Green Globes certification. QB Corporation left no stone unturned, taking additional measures to ensure that the glulam beams met the Green Globes rating system requirements. With QB Corporation’s eco-friendly and energy-efficient construction materials, the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests Supervisor’s Office fulfilled the sustainability certification criteria.

QB Corporation’s glue-laminated timber was pivotal in constructing the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests Supervisor’s Office, debunking the myth that mass timber is exclusive to high-end urban developments. With a strong focus on sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and seamless integration with the local community, this project exemplifies QB Corporation’s commitment to innovative construction solutions. The Supervisor’s Office achieved structural excellence by utilizing precision-engineered glulam beams while meeting the requirements for LEED and Green Globes certification. Experience the transformative power of QB Corporation’s sustainable glulam solutions and witness how they redefine the possibilities of modern construction.

Source – Mass Timber Showcases Work of the U.S. Forest Service


QB Corporation's Ridge, Rafter Glued laminated timber and Columns at Kanzan House

Building Type: Residential

Location: Blaine County, Idaho, USA

Completed 2020.

QB Corporation’s Products: Custom BeamsStock Beams.

Additional Information: Principal Architect: Jack Smith FAIA
Initial studies with Jessica Jellison AIA
Construction Documents and Construction Management: John Montoya Architect, Ensitio Design.
Photography: Gabe Border.

Architectural Marvel of KANZAN HOUSE with QB Corporation’s Glulam Beams

The KANZAN HOUSE is a custom home featuring expansive glazing and a unique truss system designed by Architect Jack Smith. QB Corporation’s high-quality glulam beams bring this structural innovation to life, providing stunning views, column-free interior spaces, and unmatched design possibilities.

The KANZAN HOUSE redefines architectural excellence’s boundaries, boasting Bald Mountain’s panoramic views through its expansive glazing. This remarkable custom home showcases the ingenuity of Architect Jack Smith and QB Corporation’s cutting-edge glulam beams. With its striking design, column-free interiors, and exceptional structural innovation, KANZAN HOUSE stands as a testament to the limitless possibilities of the Smith-modified Vierendeel truss system.

Unveiling the Smith-Modified Vierendeel Truss System:

At the heart of KANZAN HOUSE lies the revolutionary Smith-modified Vierendeel truss system. Smith’s visionary approach involves a unique bolt arrangement that reinforces each joint in the laminated wood beams. By utilizing shear forces and optimizing the layering of the beams, this ingenious truss system allows for remarkable spans, unparalleled strength, and awe-inspiring structural integrity. Notably, this innovative design surpasses the capabilities of conventional truss systems, making it a genuinely indeterminate structure that defies current computer analysis techniques.

QB Corporation’s Glulam Beams – The Epitome of Craftsmanship: 

Based in Salmon, Idaho, QB Corporation proudly supplies the exceptional glulam beams that bring KANZAN HOUSE to life. These locally sourced and processed beams, crafted with utmost precision, showcase QB Corporation’s commitment to quality and excellence. QB Corporation offers a wide range of depths, widths, lengths, textures, and finishes, ensuring that every project receives the perfect beam solution. Moreover, QB Corporation’s CNC fabrication expertise further enhances their glulam beams’ versatility and customization options.

Form Meets Function – The Artistry of KANZAN HOUSE: 

One cannot help but be captivated by the graphic lines created by KANZAN HOUSE’s wood beams. The harmonious integration of form and function is evident throughout the home’s truss system, exemplifying Architect Jack Smith’s visionary approach. QB Corporation’s collaboration with Smith allows for the realization of this artistic vision, showcasing the incredible possibilities that arise from combining innovative design and exceptional craftsmanship.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction: 

As the third-generation leader of QB Corporation, Vice President and General Manager Michael Lane remains steadfast in delivering exceptional products while uplifting the community. Lane emphasizes QB Corporation’s unwavering dedication: “We strive to provide our customers with the finest products for their projects. While we respect the designer’s vision, our extensive experience ensures that the products we supply align seamlessly with our clients’ expectations, right down to the smallest detail.”

Experience the sheer brilliance of KANZAN HOUSE, a true architectural marvel that pushes the boundaries of design and structural innovation. With QB Corporation’s superior glulam beams and Architect Jack Smith’s visionary truss system, this custom home captivates with its dramatic views, open interior spaces, and unparalleled beauty. Discover the limitless possibilities and exceptional craftsmanship that define KANZAN HOUSE, a testament to the artistry and ingenuity of QB Corporation and Architect Jack Smith.


Glued laminated timber Curved Beams, Trusses and Columns manufactured by QB Corporation for The Nep & Mary Ellen Lynch Center

Building Type: Institutional

Location: Salmon, Idaho USA

Completed: May 2021

QB Corporation’s Donation: 100% Donation of glulam entryway as well as beams throughout the building.

In May 2021, the Nep & Mary Ellen Lynch Center was completed with the support of remarkable individuals and businesses from Salmon and beyond. This noteworthy facility stands as a beacon of support for the youth of Salmon, who have long awaited such a symbol. The center addresses their needs by providing essential gym space that creates flexible practice schedules as well as another venue for hosting events. Every year, the Lynch Center will offer children the opportunity to experience the support of their community. The versatile facility will host various sporting events as well as being an additional location for the theater and music department performances. The center features a full-size basketball court, auxiliary gym, a well-equipped weight room, wrestling room, multiple locker rooms, coach’s offices, and a cardio room catering to the training needs of athletes.

The completion of this project was made possible through the tireless efforts of volunteers and donations. Alongside the Lynch family, the funding was entirely sourced from private contributors in the form of monetary, volunteered time, equipment, and materials.  QB Corporation and numerous other local and regional businesses were inspired by the project’s impact on Salmon’s youth by providing a building to alleviate the lack of gym space and improving the overall facilities of the school district.


Glued laminated timber Curved Beams, Trusses and Columns manufactured by QB Corporation for The Sun Valley Lodge

Building Type: Commercial.

Location: Sun Valley, Idaho USA

QB Corporation’s Products: Custom Beams, Curved Beams, and Arches. See all Available Configurations.

Architects and builders in Sun Valley, Idaho, rely on QB Corporation for their standout projects. They trust that QB Corporation will deliver the desired product on time and ensure that it fits and looks great.

The beauty of wood in a Sun Valley setting is unmatched. With our fabrication capabilities, designers can create stunning rooms that overlook the scenic Sawtooth Mountains, leaving a breathtaking impression.


QB Corporation's Ridge, Rafter Glued laminated timber and Columns in Jackson Hole Airport

Building Type: Institutional

Location: Jackson Hole, Wyoming USA

Completed: January 2015

QB Corporation’s Products: Custom Beams, Trusses.

“The Jackson Hole Airport is winning accolades for its design from organizations as diverse as WoodWorks, AIA, and Fodor. The airport uses premium-appearance exposed glulam and other wood products, steel fasteners, natural stone, and glass for a beautiful yet unassuming structure that “celebrates modern mountain architecture.””

Read more about the APA Case Study on the Jackson Hole Airport Renovation project “Award-Winning Airport Design Takes Wing.”

HOUSE III (Poulsen)

QB Corporation's Ridge, Rafter Glued laminated timber and Columns at Hulen Meadows House
QB Corporation: glued laminated timber, custom and stock beams.

Building Type: Residential

Location: Blaine County, Idaho, USA

Completed June 2014.

QB Corporation’s Products: Custom Beams, Stock Beams.

Additional Information: Principal Architect: Jack Smith FAIA.
In collaboration with Jessica Jellison AIA.
Photography: Fred Lindholm.

AIA Merit Award 
Idaho Chapter, 2014.
AIA Citation Award 
Montana Chapter, 2014.

HOUSE III AT HULEN MEADOWS represents an exquisite private residence in Idaho’s beautiful mountain resort town. This exceptional dwelling spans approximately 4,000 square feet, providing ample space for a family of four, with guest areas and in-home office space. Drawing from their firsthand experience growing up in ski resorts and their knowledge of snow behavior, the clients specifically requested a flat roof to eliminate snowdrops and ice cycles. The design mitigates potential issues by allowing wind to sweep away significant snow accumulations instead of falling on the leeward side of a pitched roof. While the site resides in a “blue” avalanche zone, the risk of avalanches is minimal.
Nevertheless, the design incorporates essential avalanche barrier walls and shutters to ensure safety. Additionally, corten steel trellises serve a dual purpose as guard railings and vines’ support, visually grounding the house within the landscape and providing shade during summer months. The clients’ desire to capture the majestic mountain views, particularly to the south, east, and north, is realized through extensive use of large glass areas and casement windows that facilitate cross ventilation and welcome refreshing summer breezes. Formal tree bosques have been thoughtfully planted to enhance privacy and offer additional shade. While the landscape is still maturing since the house was completed in June, the intention is for natural grasses, wildflowers, and native brush to gradually blend with the formal planting, further harmonizing the house with its magnificent mountain setting. The structural system of this residence plays a pivotal role in shaping its architectural character. Manufactured at QB Corporation, three layers of glue-laminated wood timber, the wood post and beam frame form a modified Vierendeel truss with universal rods, creating moment connections. This innovative approach allows for greater spans while minimizing the required material. Most wood products used in residence originate from Idaho wood species, ensuring sustainability and meeting FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification.
Moreover, all processing and manufacturing took place within a 150-mile radius of the site, supporting local resources. The material palette contains a captivating blend of glue-laminated Douglas fir wood posts, QB Corporation’s “Custom” and “Stock” beams, natural concrete, cedar siding, vertical grain fir, stucco, corten steel, and glass. Inside, polished concrete, black granite, white marble, and natural maple floors, trim, and cabinets grace the living spaces, infusing elegance and sophistication. Thanks to the clever design that promotes natural cross ventilation, the residence requires no chillers for cooling, significantly reducing its carbon footprint. An in-floor radiant heating system powered by 97% efficient gas-fired boilers ensures optimal comfort during colder months. The exposed natural concrete walls and floors in the house’s lower and selected upper areas act as thermal mass, enhancing solar gain and the effectiveness of the radiant heating system. As a result, minimal forced air circulation is necessary. Impressively, the residence achieved a home energy rating of 57, surpassing local requirements. This remarkable feat was accomplished by implementing various best practices, including whole-envelope insulation, heat-recovery ventilation, optimized solar gain, and radiant heat. The home was tested at an impressive 1.26 ARH50° by meticulously sealing the building envelope, further enhancing its energy efficiency. The emphasis on the thermal envelope also led to minimal mechanical equipment, resulting in a serene, efficient, healthy, and comfortable living space.


QB Corporation's Ridge, Rafter Glued laminated timber and Columns The East Avenue House
At QB Corporation, we take immense pride in our role as part of this project, providing high-quality Architectural Custom Glued Laminated Timber.

Building Type: Residential.

Location: Ketchum, Idaho, USA.

Completed: 2018

QB Corporation’s Products: Custom Beams.

Additional Information: Architect Jack Smith FAIA & Architect Jessica Jellison AIA, LEED AP BD+C.

Photo Credit: Tim Brown, Tim Brown Media.

QB Corporation is proud to be part of a remarkable architectural masterpiece—a stunning 1,800 sq. ft. custom home complemented by a spacious 625 sq. ft. two-car garage. This exceptional property was situated near downtown Ketchum, Idaho, and was meticulously designed to meet the client’s specific requirements. These included a luxurious master suite, separate his and her offices, guest accommodations, and a two-car garage—all on a highly restricted and limited lot.

The mission was clear: to maximize the commanding views of the breathtaking surrounding mountains, creating an awe-inspiring experience for the residents. From the initial stages, talented architects seamlessly integrated interior and landscape design, ensuring a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. A team of architects crafted custom built-in furniture for the project while collaborating on the landscape design to create a cohesive and visually stunning living environment.

The primary objective throughout the design process was to maximize the usable area while minimizing the building footprint. The result is a thoughtfully designed space where every square foot is optimized for efficiency. Although the rooms may be compact, our innovative split-level design allows for expansive spatial qualities. Additionally, transparency creates a sense of openness, extending the living spaces outward and embracing the celebrated Japanese technique of ‘engawa,’ which enhances the indoor/outdoor experience.

Sustainability and durability were critical considerations in the design. Carefully selected locally sourced materials known for their resilience and low maintenance requirements. Furthermore, the design incorporates advanced daylighting strategies, efficient radiant hydronic floor heating, and energy-efficient lighting, surpassing even the most rigorous energy code standards. The design achieved zero roof penetrations, exemplifying our commitment to energy efficiency and preserving the property’s architectural integrity.

Despite the challenges posed by the tight and challenging lot, the design ingeniously maximizes the captivating views of Mount Baldy. Residents can enjoy these picturesque vistas from every level of the interior and the inviting exterior balcony and terrace. The roof design is a testament to architectural innovation – an exquisitely warped hyperbolic paraboloid shape achieved through a series of straight exposed glulam beams. These beams slope in incremental degrees from a central axis, facilitating proper drainage and creating a visual illusion of floating. Transparent glass panels between the glulam beams on the north and south facades allow abundant daylight to fill the space while accentuating the roof’s unique and remarkable form.

The material palette for this exceptional property includes native fir, oak paneling, limestone, local Oakley stone, and patinated copper siding and roof. Each element was carefully selected to showcase its natural beauty, durability, and contribution to the overall aesthetic.

At QB Corporation, we take immense pride in our role as part of this project, providing high-quality Architectural Custom Glued Laminated Timber.


Glued laminated timber Beams and Trusses manufactured by QB Corporation for Elkhorn Inn

Building Type: Commercial.

Location: Sun Valley, Idaho USA

QB Corporation’s Products: Custom Beams, Trusses.

The restaurant located at Elkhorn Inn required significant attention to meet the project’s demands. QB Corporation rose to the challenge and completed all the necessary trusses and steel fabrication work within the stipulated budget and timeframe.