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About US

QB Corporation is located in Salmon, Idaho, USA. The business started in early 1977 with the first beams produced being structural components for a 40′ X 90′ building to house the company. Once up and running, early production was around 30,000 board feet per week. Currently, the plant has the capability to produce over 1.5 million board feet per week, including arches and curves. QB is a member of the American Plywood Association. (APA-EWS) and the Engineered Wood Products Association (EWPA).

In addition to standard stock beams, we are capable of building tapers, bevels, curves, arches, glulam trusses, and other custom fabrication including metal fasteners and attaching hardware.

QB Corporation produces beams from softwood species including Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Alaska Yellow Cedar, and Southern Yellow Pine.

QB Corporation sells our product through a nation wide distribution system. We can ship to most ports in the United States for export to foreign markets. Contact us for product distribution information for your area.


Commitment to Quality

QB Corporation’s commitment and extra attention to quality is what sets us apart. Quality to us is much more than just the basic product. It is all of the aspects of the business from sales to manufacturing to shipping.

QB glulam beams are manufactured using kiln-dried lumber and waterproof glues to provide a product with high reliability and performance.



  • Wood and the Environment PDF (Attached) – Carbon impact on using renewable wood products for your building.
  • QB Recycling
    • Currently we take all of the plastic wrapping used on our lumber and then send it out to be recycled. We also have trash cans around the facility to collect plastic bottles and aluminum cans to recycle.
    • We make sure none of our wood scraps, trims or sawdust go to waste by producing wood pellets. The pellets are bagged and sold to local markets to use for heating.