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Soaring roof demonstrates mass timber’s long-span possibilities by WoodWorks

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The case study titled “Soaring roof demonstrates mass timber’s long-span possibilities” by WoodWorks focuses on the Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU) Arena. The University of Idaho chose to showcase wood’s impressive long-span capabilities with the ICCU Arena.

Inspired by the rolling hills of the nearby Palouse, the undulating wood roof of this sports and events facility soars over the open space below, creating a visually stunning structure not typically associated with large arenas. The project was built through a collaboration of Idaho stakeholders, using wood harvested from the University of Idaho’s Experimental Forest, made into glue-laminated timber (glulam) beams by Idaho manufacturers.

The mass timber structure was engineered with an innovative system to meet the complex loading requirements of the long spans and double-curved roof design. The roof is supported at the building’s midpoint by a massive portal frame constructed of glulam beams. It also includes 14 king-post trusses, curved and shaped to create the rippling form of the roof.

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