We at QB Corporation take pride in providing quality custom glue beams, meeting each of the specifications provided by our customers. With our facility, we can manufacture custom and curved glue laminated timber for even the most complicated jobs.


Our manufacturing capabilities give us a wide range of available depths, widths, and lengths for you to choose from.

  • Depth: Our standard depths are in 1.5” increments, but we can produce any depth between 3” and 96” deep.
  • Width: We can produce a width range between 1.5” to 20” wide.
  • Length: The beams we can produce are up to 130’ long.

It should be noted that sizing capabilities can change due to other factors. If your needs do not seem to fall into our range, our staff would be willing to discuss what you’re looking for.


We can provide precisely what you need, whether it is a slight camber on a beam or a tight curve. We can curve beams down to an inside radius of 7’. The staff will be happy to help with any questions you may have to ensure our product meets all of your specifications.


QB Corporation recommends using Coastal Douglas Fir or Southern Yellow pine for Custom Glulam Beams that undergoes chemical preservative pressure treatment. Treatments should be oil-based or as specified by the project designer. As an alternative to pressure treating, some customers are moving to Alaskan Yellow Cedar, a naturally durable species against insect attack and decay.
We do not offer treating services but can outsource this if you do not have your own capabilities. We do offer incising to allow better chemical penetration and retention. This is highly recommended on any product to be treated for outdoor use. Our incising equipment can handle large industrial beams typically used in industrial structures. We can also incise the tapered faces of tapered beams.


Our wood species offered include:

  • Douglas Fir
  • Alaskan Yellow Cedar
  • Western Red Cedar *
  • Southern Yellow Pine *

*May depend upon availability.

Certain species can be used in different applications. If you are unsure which species you need, contact our experienced staff, and we would be happy to assist you. We also are capable of providing other species if requested.


Fabrication can include a variety of beam profiles, corbel details, or custom shapes. We offer a variety of beam finishes and a full complement of metal fabricating and truss assembly as specified by your designer for your project. Radial reinforcing and raceways for electrical or other wiring are available.


As a custom CNC fabricator, QB Corporation has proven its ability to accurately assemble beams to satisfy even the most rigorous design conditions. The parts and pieces must fit together during CNC fabrication to work as the design intended. Our attention to detail and the ability to fabricate and work with tight tolerances ensure your job comes off without a glitch. You can find out more about QB’s Custome CNC Fabrication Capabilities Here.


The textures we offer can be applied to most of our finishes. Each provides its own unique look that differs from the standard appearance. The texture affects the beam’s appearance but does not influence the strength of the beam in any way.

Please be advised that QB Corporation does not currently provide staining services.

  • Rough Saw
    • It gives the beam an olden look of sawn timber that can add an aesthetic character to the beam in any application.
  • Light Rough Saw
    • The exact appearance of the Rough Saw but a lighter version.
  • Wire Brush
    • As the name states, it gives the beam the look of being wiped with a wire brush. It removes some of the wood’s soft parts, adding a more natural look to the appearance.


There are a handful of finishes for our Custom Glulam Beams. The finish style depends on the amount of sanding, patching and filling voids, and visual appearance. It should be noted that the finish style does not determine the strength of the beam but rather the appearance.

  • Framing Grade
    • Lightly sanded.
    • No patching or filling.
    • Ideal for beams hidden in walls.
  • Industrial
    • Sanded finish with square edges.
    • No patching or filling.
  • Architectural
    • Sanded finish with eased edges.
    • Voids over ¾” are filled.
  • Stain Grade
    • Sanded finish with eased edges.
    • No patching or filling.
    • Ideal for when the stain is to be applied.
  • Premium
    • Sanded down with fine sandpaper for a smoother surface with eased edges.
    • All voids are filled.
  • Hand Select Premium
    • Lumber is graded for tight knots to minimize larger knots in the beam’s appearance.
    • Sanded down with fine sandpaper for a smoother surface with eased edges.
    • All voids are filled.
  • Hand Select Stain Grade
    •  Lumber is graded for tight knots to minimize larger knots in the appearance of a beam.
    • Sanded down with fine sandpaper for a smoother surface with eased edges.
    • Ideal for when a stain is to be applied.