Custom CNC Fabrication

All-in-One Glulam Manufacturing and Fabrication Facility

Since 2019, we have began exploring opportunities to enhance our fabrication services by improving capacity, accuracy, and overall quality. After careful consideration, we made the decision to invest in a dedicated CNC machine for glulam beam fabrication. In the fall of 2020, we successfully installed and implemented our new CNC, establishing ourselves as one of the largest glulam manufacturers with CNC capabilities in the United States. Our facility now offers comprehensive services, including the production of stock and custom glulam, CNC fabrication, attaching connections, and assembling.

CNC Capabilities:

QB Corporation leverages the cutting-edge processing center to provide exceptional CNC machining services. Our CNC Fabrication division specializes in processing glulam beams of remarkable dimensions, accommodating widths up to 23.5 inches, depths up to 55 inches, and lengths up to 59 feet. It's important to note that certain dimension combinations may be limited by the capabilities of our CNC system. For further details, we encourage you to contact our team of experts.

QB Corporation leverages the cutting edge processing center to provide exceptional CNC machining services

Note: QB Corporation does not provide engineering or design services. Please provide us with the beam list and drawings in .3d or .dxf file formats.

CNC Beveling Glued laminated timber at QB Corporation

Precision Cuts:

At QB, CNC machining technology has brought a revolutionary transformation to the fabrication glulam beams and columns. One of the primary benefits is the ability to achieve precise dimensions, kerfs, holes, and notches with unmatched accuracy. This technological advantage enables exact measurements and high-quality finishes, ensuring that each piece consistently adheres to the desired specifications of the customer.

As a result, we have significantly expanded our capabilities to undertake a diverse range of projects. Whether it involves large-scale mass timber construction, commercial applications, or high-end residential projects, we are equipped to fabricate each of the various job requirements. The introduction of a streamlined process eliminates the glulam modifications that were previously done on-site and elevates the level of service we can provide to our customers.

Accurate Drilling:

CNC machined holes in glulam beams for bolts and larger piping offers numerous advantages over traditional drilling methods. It ensures precise location and accurate drilling, minimizing the risk of human error and preserving structural integrity. This feature is particularly beneficial for construction projects by reducing jobsite labor, costly errors, and injuries associated with fabrication by hand. CNC drilling also enhances design flexibility, enabling architects and engineers to create intricate structures with elaborate bolt and pipe configurations.

CNC Machining Glued laminated timber at QB Corporation

Today, our all-in-one glulam manufacturing and fabrication facility combines cutting-edge technology, extensive capabilities, and a commitment to delivering superior results, catering to the needs of our clients across different sectors.

CNC engraving Glued laminated timber at QB Corporation

Corbels and Customized Beam Designs:

CNC machining has revolutionized the production of custom designs, corbels, trusses, and much more. This technology offers numerous advantages over traditional processes by improving turnaround time, quality, sustainability and safety. Our CNC process delivers precise results, ensuring the final product meets the required specifications. Additionally, CNC fabrication provides greater design flexibility, allowing for the creation of complex shapes and patterns that cannot be achieved with traditional manufacturing processes.