QB Corporation helps reduce CO2 emissions in New York City.

QB Corporation supply our high-quality glulam beams and columns for New York's first six-story, fourteen-unit mass-timber condominium building.

Building Type: Residential
Location: 670 Union St., Brooklyn, NY 11215
Completed: 2022
QB Corporation’s Products: Custom Glulam Beams
Photography: MESH Architectures.

QB Corporation is proud to offer environmentally friendly mass timber products that provide substantial ecological benefits as construction materials. We’re delighted to supply our high-quality glulam beams and columns for New York’s first six-story, fourteen-unit mass-timber condominium building.

The construction industry is a significant contributor to global carbon emissions, responsible for nearly 40% of these emissions and an important factor in climate change. The production of construction materials alone accounts for approximately 11% of global greenhouse gas emissions. For instance, producing one ton of cement releases about one ton of carbon dioxide, the most prevalent greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.

North American forests grew this much wood in 71 seconds.


Mass timber derived from wood serves as a sustainable building material and acts as a carbon sink throughout its life cycle, even capturing additional carbon. Research has shown that a hybrid, mid-rise mass timber commercial building can reduce global warming potential by 15-26%, depending on its design.

This project kept 549 metric tons of carbon from entering the atmosphere.


New York City has a substantial carbon footprint, with 233.5 ± 75.4 Mt CO2 emissions totaling, making it the leading city in the United States and the third globally for Scope 3 emissions. QB Corporation is excited to play a pivotal role in the first steps toward reducing construction-related carbon emissions in “The Big Apple.”